Victorian Corsets

Women show off their figures again!

The corset is one of the most exciting pieces of clothing one could possibly wear - nostalgic and erotic at the same time. In one way, it is very elegant and in another, extremely adaptable. A corset can be worn on any occasion and at any time of the day. A corset looks wonderful beneath a beautiful chiffon dress, but it can also show off your waist-line under a cocktail dress, or even under normal jeans. Figure-accentuating fashions call for a foundation which gives a softly flowing line between waist and hip. What is for certain is that your back will be supported and your posture improved. This considerably enhances your radiance. Even if your corset can't be seen from the outside - you can definitely see it in your eyes!

Our corsets are wonderful garments and are sewn according to ancient patterns.

There are four different corset styles: the waist corset, the underbust corset, the halfbust corset and the overbust corset.
Experience has shown us that waist and underbust corsets are the most comfortable. Every corset is lined with strong material. Stability is guaranteed by a waistband that runs from the inside through to the coil steel boning.

Under the hook and eye fastenings at the front you will find an solid planchette. Furthermore there are supporting rods on each side of the lacing eyelets.

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